25 cents comics Walking Dead Outcast Invincible Vampirella Red Sonja

Comic book publishers are hoping to gain new readers with “introductory priced” issues. Comics that are regularly priced at $3 and $4 will be offered for just 25 cents. The last time they were that cheap was 1976. Some stores will even offer the them for free.

Dynamite is slashing prices on introductory issues of Red Sonja and Vampirella. Image is celebrating its 25th anniversary by discounting new story arcs in The Walking Dead, Outcast and Invincible.

Red Sonja #0 – December 14 2016

Writer: Amy Chu / Artist: Carlos Gomez

The sorcerer Kulan Gath casts a spell on the barbarian She Devil that puts her in suspended animation. Red Sonja awakes in a New York City subway where she encounters strange metal beasts and men speaking an unknown language.

“I want to represent Red Sonja in the purest way possible,” says Chu. “She’s a warrior, first and foremost. She’s familiar with a certain way of life, a certain way of fighting. What if we take that away and put her in a completely new environment where she’s forced to adapt? Let’s get her out of her comfort zone and see where Red Sonja goes from there! Scott Snyder is doing that right now in All Star Batman, taking Batman out of Gotham and putting him on the road, and I think that’s quite exciting. It’s a win-win, something refreshing for the readers, and a great challenge for the creative team. There’s going to be a lot of action and adventure with a little splash of mystery, and we’re going to see her abilities tested in new ways, all starting with Issue #0.”

Vampirella #0 – February 8 2017

Writer: Paul Cornell / Artist: Jimmy Broxton

Vampirella protects humanity from her own kind but when she is thrown one thousand years into the future she discovers humans have become even more appetizing. The new series isn’t a reboot but will avoid being weighed down by “nostalgia” says writer Paul Cornell.

“In our run, she’s a bit of an everywoman, a relatable character lost in a terrible world. That’s not a first for her, really, but I like the chance to put the audience onside with her, inside her head,” Cornell explained.

The Walking Dead #163 – February 1 2017

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Artist: Charlie Adlard

A new story arc begins in the aftermath of the Whisperer War with cult members who live among the dead. The Whisperers have burned down the Hilltop community and it’s not looking good for Alexandria. The issue cover features Rick Grimes’ prosthetic hand surrounded by zombies with the caption “Conquered.” Has Rick has turned? Or has Rick conquered the Whisperers?

The Whisperers may be gone but things won’t be quiet. Dwight’s ex-wife Sherry now leads the Saviors, who sat out the war in order to pick up the pieces.

Invincible #133 – February 15 2017

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Artist: Ryan Ottley

Kirkman says he had hoped “to see Invincible rise to the level of Superman” in that it would live on forever in endless retellings. However, that went against the nature of the book, which challenges superhero tropes.

“So then, it stands to reason, that if most superhero comics continue forever with no end in sight and over their runs do not, in any way, tell a cohesive story that holds together to form a singular narrative… shouldn’t INVINCIBLE do the exact opposite?” he reasoned.

Kirkman’s longest running book will conclude with the 12-part arc “The End of All Things.”

“We’ve got a wild ride in store for the fans where we’re going to touch every corner of the Invincible Universe, and in the end, tie things up in a really cool and unexpected way.”

Outcast #25 – February 22 2017

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Artist: Paul Azaceta

Kyle Barnes has power to exorcise demons and yet those same demons are drawn to him. In fact, the Devil in the guise of a human named Sidney tells Kyle that he is the key to the Great Merge.

Kyle finds hope in the new story arc “Light of Day.” New characters will be introduced making it a great jumping on point, especially for those eagerly waiting for season 2 of the Outcast TV series on Cinemax.