People of Earth game Ozzie you are special don't get probe

Don’t get weird but aliens are abducting the People of Earth. The hit TBS series revolves around a support group for alien abductees, or experiencers as they prefer to be called. Their claims are investigated by Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), a skeptical journalist who has a change of heart when he joins the group. The inept extraterrestrials give Ozzie false memories of a hitting a deer but instead he starts seeing deer everywhere!

Space Invaders

The truth it out there. Chase it down in this side-scrolling game. Ozzie must track down the abductees while avoiding or stomping on aliens and of course lots of deer. If you fall behind, your mind and progress will be wiped. Unfortunately, there is no pause button but the level won’t begin until you start running. Each level is followed by mini game that only affects your score.

The last level is based on the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Destroy the mother ship before its UFOs descend on you. The final boss is a mecha Conan O’Brien, who serves as executive producer but hasn’t appeared in the series . . . yet. Quickly destroy him before another wave of UFOs appear. Mecha Coco fire lasers beams from his nipples, a reference to his late night talk show. Audience members ritually rub his nipples before each monologue. Other cameos include characters from TBS series such as Angie Tribeca and Nate Parker from The Detour.

People of Earth is a “special” game that adds nothing to the story contrary to the mission objective. But it’s a great time killer. You’ll find yourself asking if you really just spent all that time playing a game or is that just what the aliens want you to think?