Star Wars Princess Leia rebels

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story taught us that the futuristic world does in fact have the technology to transmit data as opposed to physically delivering it like Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV. In fairness, who knows what sort of scrambling technology the Empire possesses. After all, the Rogue One ending reverts to using physical copies.

Princess Leia led the Death Star straight to the rebel base as parodied nearly a decade ago by How It Should Have Ended. An updated version includes new animation as well as new ways to fill plot holes. The original had Grand Moff Tarkin actually use the ultimate power in the universe to destroy the obstructing planet rather than wait for the moon to orbit into range. Tarkin modifies this strategy and simply moves Death Star into range.

Laziness is the prevailing theme throughout the parody. No one arrests the boastful outlaw Cornelius Evazan. Obi Wan allows himself to be killed. Stormtroopers don’t verify deaths. And officers allow escape pods to escape! All things considered, Leia doesn’t really deserve any blame for making an effort.