Sand Whale and Me Hinako Saeki toonami Mamoru Oshi

Toonami is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the broadcast premiere of Sand Whale and Me, a 5 part miniseries by director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell).

Hinako Saeki (Uzumaki AKA Spiral) stars as KFC, a Mecha pilot stranded on a planet with gigantic whales that live in the sand. The creatures resemble the Sandworms featured in the movie Dune. The plot is also similar. KFC must tame and ride a Sand Whale to survive.

The story is presented as a video game but not the kind you’re used to playing. It’s reminiscent of the Japanese gameplay footage featured in the G4 series Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions. In fact, it emulates them to a fault. There are intentionally bad translations such as a can of peas labelled peace. The action is like drug induced hallucination. It’s a must watch for fans of import games but everyone may want to stick their head in the sand.

Sand Whale and Me airs Saturday Midnight on Cartoon Network.

“Day 1: Warfare Encounter”