Cult of Chucky trailer Childs Play
Wanna play doctor?

He’s back. . . no, not Chucky (Brad Dourif). Cult of Chucky brings back Andy (Alex Vincent), the little boy tormented by the killer doll in the original film Child’s Play. The now grown character was recently reintroduced in the Curse of Chucky. Andy got the drop on his nemesis and appeared to blow his head off in a post credits scene. However, Chucky’s fate was uncertain as the scene cut to black. Furthermore, the only way to kill the living doll is to destroy its heart according to canon.

Circle of life and death

Andy will team up with another survivor, Nica (Fiona Dourif), the paraplegic protagonist of the last film. Nica’s disability is the result of her pregnant mother being stabbed by Charles Lee Ray, who transferred his soul into the the infamous Good Guys doll after being subsequently gunned down by police. Chucky returned 25 years later (for dramatic effect) to finish the job. He murdered Nica’s entire family except for her niece Alice (Summer H. Howell), who is also back. The little girl was the last person Chucky revealed himself to. And you know what that means: a good old fashioned game of “hide the soul.”

Nica was tried for the murders but she’s found innocent by reason of insanity. She is sent to an insane asylum where Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault) convinces her Chucky is just a delusion. Nica isn’t the only one of Chucky’s victims who’s been institutionalized. Officer Stanton (Adam Hurtig) is among the patients despite having his throat slit in the previous film. It’s possible he got medical attention as the attack occured in a courthouse parking garage. He recoils in fear when Dr. Foley brings to doll to group therapy.

Of course, you’d have to be crazy not too be afraid a ginger with a soul! Fortunately for Chucky, there’s no shortage of crazies for him to use. He literally latches on to Madeline (Elisabeth Rosen). She adopts the doll as her child and even breastfeeds Chucky!

Lady killer

Chucky isn’t the only killer back from the dead so is his partner in crime, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), whose backstory gets a little complicated. Tiffany was the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray before he possessed the doll. Chucky murdered her and then transferred her soul into a doll in Bride of Chucky. The dolls spawned a split personality child named named Glen / Glenda in Seed of Chucky. The Tiffany doll transferred her soul into actress Jennifer Tilly, who was portraying Tiffany given their uncanny resemblance. The pregnant actress gave birth to human twins Glen and Glenda possessed by the the now truly split personalities.

Daddy’s girl

Andy confides his story to Rachel (Allison Dawn Doiron) during a dinner date. Could this redheaded doll could be Glenda all grown up? Glen was a good boy but his sister Glenda took after their father. Chucky’s daughter dating Andy isn’t just a clever plan. It’s a great setup for some cheesy one-liners. For instance if Chucky tries to transfer his soul into Andy, he might say something like ‘You’ve been in my daughter so it’s only fair you let me in you!’

Director Don Mancini is sticking the winning formula used in Curse of Chucky, which focused on the people rather than the dolls like the more campy films in the series. But it’s still got all parts we love: body parts! Chucky has a captive audience and whole medical facility filled with new and interesting ways to kill people.

Cult of Chucky release date: October 3rd 2017