Naruto anime parody trolls weebs
Anime worlds collide in “Use Your Ninjutsu!” TheUnseriousguy has animated Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 gameplay by irreverent video game reviewers Barry and Ross from Game Grumps. It takes artistic liberties such as a battle between the Nine-Tails fox and a mecha from Evangelion, which is sadly not in the game.

The dialogue also intentionally conflates anime series. Ross refers to a giant wood dragon jutsu as Shenlong, a completely different giant dragon from Dragon Ball. It’s tantamount to mixing up Star Wars and Star Trek.

“I bet I’m pissing off some weebs right now,” he laughs.

The bumbling banter is hilarious even if you don’t get all the references. They speak with authority despite their limited knowledge of the series. It’s like listening the bullshiting on Rick and Morty.