Conan Flaming C superhero mobile Comic-Con West Coast Customs

Conan O’Brien’s alter ego the Flaming C made a cameo at Comic-Con sporting a new ride. The comical superhero is based on original art by DC Comics artist Bruce Timm. The character appeared in several Young Justice parodies before starring in his own original Flaming C cartoon. Despite being able to fly, he drove around in minivan named R.A.N.D.Y., a Knight Rider inspired sentient car voiced by Steven Wright.

The talk show host had a Flaming C superhero costume created for Comic-Con last year. This year he showed off a real-life superhero car designed by West Coast Customs.

The auto shop customized an old dune buggy. It was the only thing in his price range, which explains the Spider-Mobile. The car was supped up with a flapping cape, talk show desk dashboard and an allegedly anatomically correct bulge horn that makes a sexy growl when honked. There was one overlooked detail. NO NAME! Just imagine Batman exclaiming, “To the car, Robin!”

Real-life heroes

West Coast Customs isn’t new to the world of comic books. They designed a whore series of superhero themed cars based on Justice League members: Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as well as a car featuring the entire team hand painted by Jim Lee. The cars were commissioned for DC Comics’ We Can Be Heroes campaign to raise money for famine in the Horn of Africa.