UnitedHealthcare commercial: A man attempts to pole vault into a pool but does a face plant into a table. His friend immediately tries his luck. “Do not attempt.”

UnitedHealthcare commercial: A mom attempts to slam dunk a basketball inside the house and crashes into ceiling fan. “Do not attempt.”

Cadillac Escalade commercial: A woman drives head on into cars acting like a herd of cattle. “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Dodge Black Friday commercial: Two men drag race with Christmas trees strapped to the roof of their car. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.”

Dodge Summer Clearance Event commercial: The Dodge Brothers literally crash a wedding with cars doing donuts. “Professional drivers on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Land Rover Range Rover Sport commercial: Car drives downhill ski course. “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Dr. Scholl’s commercial: Lumberjack log rolling down mountain. “Even professional lumberjacks wearing Dr. Scholl’s should not attempt.”

Ally commercial: A woman walks through glass wall. “Do not attempt.”

Seamless commercial: A bike messenger delivers food to construction workers sitting on beam. “Do not attempt.” (no disclaimer online version)

Acura MDX commercial: An airplane drops water on dirty car. “Do not attempt.”

Little Caesars commercial: A father holds son upside down and shakes change out his pockets. “Do not attempt.”

Old Spice commercial: A race car driver goes so fast that his rocket car flies apart. “Do not attempt.”