King’s Hawaiian rolls commercial: A baby stroller is dragged by a dog on a leash. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.”

BMW X1 commercial: Man’s girlfriend backs up car and slams breaks to eject his belongings on the driveway. “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge commercial: Rapper Lil Wayne pour champagne on his phone. “Do not attempt.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge commercial: Teenager licks electric fence. “Do not attempt.”

LG OLED commercial: Liam Neeson transport a man to a digital Tron world inside the TV where he races a motorcycle on ultra thin edge of television. “Professional drivers on closed set. Do not attempt.”

LG G5 commercial: In a world where everyone looks like Jason Statham, a man stands on charging bulls as another man of fire drives a motorcycle between his legs. He uses a fire extinguishers then hops on the bike. “Dramatization. Professional stunts. Do not attempt.”

State Farm commercial: A couple run from a tornado. “Do not attempt.” Makes it sound like they are telling you don’t run from tornadoes. Also don’t rear end other cars or tailspin.

State Farm commercial: A man runs from a tornado. “Do not attempt.” Again, the implication is that you should stay put. Also don’t attempt to blindly walk into traffic but given the prevalence of walking and texting this disclaimer seems less ridiculous.

Farmers Insurance commercial: Dogs engage in synchronized swimming in a flooded house. “No animals were harmed.”

Toyota Corolla commercial: Roller derby girls play roller derby with cars in a parking garage. The disclaimer is stressed with caps. “DO NOT ATTEMPT. Professional driver. Closed course.” (no disclaimer online version)

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid commercial: Actor James Marsden participates in lumberjack games including log rolling, double buck sawing and speed climb tree. “Do not attempt.”

Toyota Prius commercial: Bank robbers use a Prius as they’re getaway car and cut off another car while being chased by police. The disclaimer is stressed with caps. “Professional driver on closed course. Do NOT attempt.”

Toyota Camry commercial: A woman’s dream comes true she gets a presidential escort by police. “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Jiffy Lube Radiator commercial: A man uses his overheating car a grill for BBQ. “Do not attempt.”

Congratulations on making it through another year of disclaimers. See you next year until then relive the stupidity of past disclaimers:

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