Sharknado 5 poster Tara as Reid April robot superhero, Cassie Scerbo as Nova, Ian Ziering as Fin
Tara Reid is going up in the world — way up. The actress gets more super powers and a colorful costume in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

“She’s become a superhero. To play every actor’s dream, to play a superhero, is so much fun,” she told Maxim.

Reid first displayed superhuman ability by surviving the movie studio’s attempt to kill her off in the Sharknado 3 cliffhanger. Fortunately, fans voted to save April. Her father (Gary Busey) rebuilt her as a cyborg with a Swiss army knife hand capable of turning into different weapons including a chainsaw and lightsaber as well as shooting lasers.

Sharknado 5 April Tara Reid helicopter

The Sharknado 5 poster reveals April’s hand has received an upgrade. It’s glowing like the power ring of a Green Lantern. However, it’s actually coming from a real-life power glove reveals a behind-the-scene video.

“Now I’m a superhero. She has special gadgets that you can do anything with,” she explains while showing off her latest accessory.

In one scene, she throws a green screen pole then complains, “Why do I always have to do the heavy lifting?” The cylindrical shape suggests it may be a landing skid of a crashing helicopter. That could be a nod to the original Superman movie, in which he catches a falling helicopter while saving Lois Lane. That would make the damsel in distress her husband Fin (Ian Ziering), who can be seen cowering in the corner.

It wouldn’t be the first Superman reference in the series. April first showed her superhuman strength in Sharknado 4. She lifted a car over her head and recreated Superman’s pose in Action Comics #1.

Sharknado prequel!?

The power glove could mean extra lives for the cast. April and Fin (Ian Ziering) time travel back in time to ancient Egypt in order to decipher the origin of the sharknadoes. The hieroglyphics reveal the phenomenon is not new.

“This movie explains why sharknados even happen – the history of it,” Reid told Digital Spy. “It goes back to ancient times, back to Egypt… it’s gotten much bigger and more detailed now. You’re going to really start understanding what these sharknados are and where they’re from.

“Now there’s time-travel, Sharknado can go anywhere. We could come back and I could play a 6-year-old. Or 60. Who knows what could happen? It could go into the 17th century. We could see Vikings.”

Time travel also means killed off characters can be resurrected. In fact, Gilbert Gottfried will return despite being crushed by a flying cow in the previous film. Of course it could just bad writing.

“In the Sharknado series, it doesn’t matter if you survive or are killed–you can be ripped apart by a thousand sharks in one scene, and two scenes later you’re walking around fine. Thankfully the series is not tied down to the trivial things like logic,” Gottfried explained in an interview with Parade .

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming premieres Sunday 8/7c on Syfy.