Wonder Woman Conan team-up spells romance
Left to right: Wonder Woman / Conan #1 variant cover by Liam Sharp, Wonder Woman / Conan #2 and #3 cover by Darick Robertson

Amazons have no love for man but can Wonder Woman resist the manliest man: Conan the Barbarian! The heroine travels back in time in the six-part series Wonder Woman/Conan by writer Gail Simone and artist Aaron Lopresti.

“I love crossovers, I love Wonder Woman, and being able to bring the undisputed greatest warriors of the DCU and Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age together for the very first time is a dream come true,” says Simone. “A major draw is getting to reunite with the great Aaron Lopresti, whose very favorite things to draw are Wonder Woman and barbarians. Its blades and bracelets, wizards and wonder and I couldn’t be more delighted.”

The covers hint that the pair will have a romantic relationship. They are shown bound together in front of a heart shaped light on the first issue variant cover by Liam Sharp. And issue three features the couple in a loving embrace.

Diana recently rekindled her romance with Steve Trevor, her first love after leaving Paradise Island*. However, it’s unknown when this story takes place so they could be on a break. Furthermore, she could be trapped in the past for years and even superheroes have their limits. But the real reason for her apparent infidelity is that she is suffering from amnesia as revealed in the solicitation for issue three, which teases “Diana’s memories start to return.”

* Wonder Woman a lesbian nymphomaniac?!

Sensation Comics 4 Wonder Woman Bracelets of Submission

Wonder Woman no more

Diana is somehow forced to fight in gladiator games by the slaver Dellos, who dubs her the Warrior Witch. Her makeshift costume features the iconic stars as well as the stylized W but it’s missing the accessories such as tiara and lasso. All that remains are the Bracelets of Submission. Sensation Comics #4 established that Amazons lose their strength when their bracelets are bound to chains. This could explain how Dellos controls Diana but the chains aren’t attached when she fights. Unless there’s some sort of convoluted condition that she must free herself and temporarily being released to fight still counts as being bound. Another possibility is that she has traveled back to a time before Amazons existed and therefore possesses none of their gifts. The simplest explanation is that she just doesn’t realize how strong she is given her recent memory loss.

Wonder Woman Conan 1 gladiator arena

The real villain behind her time displacement is unknown but it’s likely the same force that’s stalking Conan who is trailed by talking birds known as the Corvidae. They are presumably the animal familiars of a sorcerer, perhaps his nemesis Kulan Gath. Conan’s ally Red Sonja was recently sent to the future by the sorcerer but she managed to return him to the past. Kulan may have shanghaied the wrong warrior woman this time.

Wonder Woman/Conan hits stand September 20.