Rick and Morty Pickle Rick bug suit rats

Rick has gotten himself into a real pickle. The mad scientist transforms himself into “Pickle Rick” on the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty. Rick claims he did it simply because he could but the real reason was to get out of family therapy. Things go awry when he falls into the sewer. He manages to save himself by using his head — literally! The limbless pickle bites open the head of a cockroach and uses his tongue on its brain to manipulate the limbs. With his newfound mobility he builds an insectoid exosuit before upgrading to a rat suit.
Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick laser Pop! vinyl figures Funko

Pickle Rick Pop! vinyl figure

Funko will release two versions of Pickle Rick’s rat suit, which is surprisingly cute given that it’s comprised of the reanimated severed limbs of dead rodents. It’s also notable for being a life-size figure at just 3 3/4-inches tall.

There first variant is Pickle Rick with drill hands that are actually screws. It’s fitting since it looks like he’s giving the middle finger particularly in light of his gleeful expression. Rick’s good mood is the result of slaughtering the entire rat colony that dared to challenge him. The narcissist exclaims upon his victory, “God damn it, I love myself!”

The second variant is Pickle Rick with laser (powered by AA batteries). His expression displays a much more sour mood. He escapes the sewers only to emerge in foreign government compound where a Die Hard style fight ensues. The figure shows battle damage such as scratches and a stapled on pickle slice that serves as a makeshift bandage on his side.

Why would you want to buy this disturbing toy? To quote Rick. Because you can!