School Girl Zombie Hunter PS4 ripped clothes
Zombies rip apart schoolgirls (and their clothes) in School Girl Zombie Hunter (PS4), the latest installment of the Japanese video game series Onechanbara. Dawn of the Dead theorized that the reason zombies swarmed the mall was because they retained memories of their former lives. However, Japanese zombies have different . . . urges.

These stiffs have a thing for schoolgirl uniforms. You can use their fetish against them by throwing your clothes to distract the perverts. There are apparently no gay zombies and females zombies are completely unaffected but that’s probably has more to due with keeping the game balanced than social commentary. It’s basically the opposite of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, in which you defeat vampires by stripping them into embarrassment.

Of course it would be pretty impractical to fight naked so you can only strip down to your undergarments, which can get pretty skimpy. DLC includes underwear made out of food like a tomato slices for a bra and a leaf of cabbage for panties. One of the girls recommends they squeeze the underwear to keep it in place.

The longer your clothes have been worn the more . . . uh, potent they’ll be. You can throw your undergarments by changing into new ones following a shower scene that’s are partially obscured to censor any nudity. The North American release has a MA rating so there doesn’t appear to be any additional censoring.

Ghoul friends

The zombie outbreak is centered a private school, presumably a college for the western audiences. Play as one of five girls each with unique attacks: kendo sword, staff, softball bat, soccer kick and karate kick. Your personal girl squad can assist you in single player campaigns as well as online co-op mode. When near death, characters are limited to crawling around on the floor like every girl in a horror movie. However, your friends can heal you for a chance to be a final girl.

The zombie hordes include wall crawlers, clever wielding butchers, armed police and a disturbing human centipede made from the torsos of two zombies wearing gimp masks for extra creepiness. The big bad is a zombie doppelganger girl squad but thankfully they don’t strip.

Release date: November 17, 2017
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