commercial disclaimers Wonderful Halos Snow White witch poison apple
Do not attempt to eat poison apples from witches is just one of the invaluable pieces of advice offered by commercial disclaimers this past year. The more absurd the scenario, the more you can count on the superfluous legal fine print appearing at the bottom of the screen. Here are some of the best examples just in case you slept through them.

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Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2017:

Wonderful Halos commercial: A witch offers girl a poison apple in a Snow White parody. Fortunately, the talking apple warns her not to eat him. “Apples are yummy unless they’ve been cursed. Do not eat talking food.”

Sprint commercial: A man tries to get out of his Verizon contract by faking his own death. He pushes his car off a cliff. “Do not attempt.” His son asks if that’s illegal. Another disclaimer warns: “Yes, extremely illegal.”

GEICO commercial: Stuntman jumps out of a moving car. “Professional stuntman. Do not attempt.”

GEICO commercial: Kids have a pool party in their bedroom. “Do not attempt.”

Capri Sun commercial: Little girl threatens to shave her friend’s head to get her mother’s attention. “Do not attempt.”

Capri Sun commercial: Boy races his biker toward a ramp to jump over kids lying down on the ground. He stops short and asks if he has his mother’s attention. “Do not attempt.”

Capri Sun commercial: Kids build a sled out of laundry basket and ironing board to slide down stair. They stop and ask is they have their mother’s attention. “Do not attempt.”

Trulia commercial: Bicycle stuck in a traffic jam. Car thieves put vehicle on concrete blocks but rather than steal tires, they take the whole car with driver inside. People run from hurricane. “Do not attempt.”

Trulia commercial: A man lights grill with gun that shoots flaming tennis balls. “Do not attempt.”

Samsung memory card commercial: MicroSD memory cards transform into robots to escape electronic devices. “This situation is fictionalized.”

Advil commercial: Table tennis paddle hits banana into a man’s mouth. Parkour performer jumps across rooftop. “Do not attempt.”

Advil commercial: A man spins on his head. A woman spins hanging from her hair. Another woman plays the drums while riding a bicycle. And bull riding. “Do not attempt.”

Doritos commercial: A performer throws flaming knives at a man spinning on the wheel of death. “Dramatization: Do not attempt.” A woman climbs a skyscraper spire to take a selfie. “Professional on close set. Do not attempt.”