Fruit of the Loom commercial: Woman does donuts on mobility scooter. “Can carts even do this? Do not attempt.” Old woman does a belly flop into a display case of balls. “Not all grandmas can pull off this move. Please don’t do this.”

Kohl’s commercial: Catapult uses old women on couch to launch gifts at children for Christmas. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Dodge commercial: Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel races other cars on snow covered mountain. “Professional drivers on closed course. Do not attempt.”

DirecTV commercial: People have fun doing unpleasant things like banging head into a low ceiling. “Do not attempt.”

DirecTV commercial: People have fun doing unpleasant things like pouring hot coffee on your lap. “Do not attempt.”

BMW i3 commercial: Car drives inside library. “Professional driver. Do not attempt.”

TIAA commercial: Old woman jumps from plane for tandem skydiving. “Do not attempt.”

Burger King commercial: The Burger King mascot destroys flat top grill with a flamethrower. “Do not attempt.”

Clearasil commercial: Teenage boy chugs hot sauce. “Do not attempt.”

Sonic Drive-In commercial: Spokesmen hang gliding over Sonic restaurant. “Do not attempt.”

Infiniti Q50 commercial: NBA star Stephen Curry drives a race track drawn by his daughter. “Closed course. Do not attempt.”

LifeLock commercial: Running of the bulls. “Do not attempt.”

UnitedHealthcare commercial: Company employee helps couple navigate a literal maze of Medicare with a bulldozer. “Paid actor portrayal. Do not attempt.”

UnitedHealthcare commercial: A man gets angry about the long wait to see a doctor. He transforms into the Hulk and throws his couch through the wall. “Do not attempt.”