Conan Pop Funko Ant-Man Hellboy Star Wars Rebel Pilot Predator
Conan O’Brien is taking the show to Comic-Con. And Funko has used Pym Particles to shrink the larger-than-life late night host to fun sized proportions. The Conan themed Funko Pop! vinyl figures include Ant-Man, Predator, Hellboy and Star Wars Rebel Pilot. They normally retail for $9.99 but these Comic-Con exclusive figures sell for many times that on eBay. The irreverent host debuted the them by mocking their collectible nature. He committed the cardinal sin of removing one from the box . . . GASP!

The Comic-Con exclusive figures will be given to audience members but viewers at home can also win one. Every night an additional 500 figures will be given away online. Watch for the code word (or follow this page) and enter to win at by 11PM ET the following day. The sweepstakes is open to legal US residents who are 18 years or older and TBS cable subscribers as of 7/18/18.

Conan Pop Code Words:

7/18: Squadron Gimp
7/19: Coco vs. Predator
7/21: Shrinkage
7/22: Man-Host

Conan Pop Superman

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners and you don’t want to be price gouged, Gamestop is here to save the day with its own exclusive figures. The Conan Summer Convention 2018 POP! Bundle includes three figures portraying Conan in various stages of switching into his secret identity. He’s like Superman, if Clark Kent transformed into an even bigger nerd. Preorder the bundle for $35.99 at Gamestop.