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Kathy Griffin Devil horns One America News (OAN) Paul Harvey

Hollywood works for the Devil says One America News (OAN)

One America News (OAN) purports to be a non-partisan cable news network but the devil is in the details. It's true that most of the commentary is confined to its political talk shows Tipping Point and The Daily Ledger. The same cannot be said about the commercial breaks, which are filled with the family-owned network's ... [Read More]
Big Bang Theory Mayim Bialik womansplaining girl vs woman sexism feminism

Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik womansplaining the G-word

Girl is a four letter word says Mayim Bialik. The Big Bang Theory actress has blossomed from a girl to woman and thinks referring to her as a girl is sexist. Bialik noted that language affects the way we view the world according to Sapir–Whorf theory as demonstrated in the award winning movie Arrival. "The terms we're ... [Read More]
Conan Walking Dead Glenn Abraham Steven Yeun Michael Cudlitz

Conan hires Walking Dead stars Steven Yeun & Michael Cudlitz

Walking Dead may have bashed in the heads of Glenn & Abraham but Steven Yeun & Michael Cudlitz prove you don't need brains to host a television show. The out of work actors revealed they're filling in for O'Brien & Andy Richter during shows rehearsals. "I don't come in for rehearsals as you can tell," Conan admitted to ... [Read More]
Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Halloween trick or treat

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, goes trick or treating for Halloween

Los Angeles is in for a treat this Halloween. Gal Gadot revealed she's going trick or treating on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The super heroine says she has a weakness for chocolate. Gadot won't be wearing the Wonder Woman costume that she debuted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actress said she's "exhausted" from shooting ... [Read More]
YouTube Snoop Dogg SnoopaVision April Fools Day

Snoop Dogg debuts SnoopaVision on YouTube for April Fools

Snoop Dogg is blazing the way for immersive video. YouTube is introducing a new feature dubbed SnoopaVision. Visitors can enable it to watch 360 degree videos with Snoop providing commentary. "This technology is so immersive that sometime...man, I forget if I'm in a video or real life," touts the rapper. SnoopaVision ... [Read More]
Hannah Davis poses like a Mermaid for Maxim

Hannah Davis poses like a Mermaid for Maxim

Hannah Davis believes there's no such thing as bad publicity for a model. She addresses her infamous crotch flash on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the March issue of Maxim. “That will be every year with the cover," Hannah explained. "They’ll say, ‘It was photoshopped too much, or those aren’t her real ... [Read More]
Scream Wes Craven cameo Freddy Krueger janitor

R.I.P. Wes Craven master of horror and comedy!?

Freddy Krueger is undoubtedly giving a very long middle finger to God. A Nightmare on Elm Street director Wes Craven passed away from brain cancer on Sunday. Craven spent nearly half-a-century making scary movies and yet he didn't see anything but Disney movies until his last year of college. Movies were prohibited by both ... [Read More]