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The Falling Maisie Williams sex scene Joe Cole

Maisie Williams sex scene was “extremely awkward”

Game of Thrones starlet Maisie Williams becomes a woman in her latest movie The Falling. Her first sex scene was "extremely awkward" she revealed to Vulture. Williams says she fought for the role in order differentiate herself from the medieval tomboy whom she is known for playing on the HBO series. "The reason I ... [Read More]
John Oliver teaches Sex Ed class with Nick Offerman

John Oliver teaches Sex Ed class with Nick Offerman

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is filling the hole in sex education with the help of celebrities: Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Jonathan Banks, Jack McBrayer, Kumail Nanjiaji, Kristen Schaal, Aisha Tyler and Laverne Cox. They talk about everything from consent to safe sex, which is demonstrated by putting condom on a ... [Read More]
Playboy Lizzy Caplan Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan talks undies w/ Playboy

Lizzy Caplan talks about her unmentionables in the July issue of Playboy magazine. She was such a tomboy growing up that she wore old sneakers under her prom dress but she's since gotten in touch with her feminine side. Caplan credits her role as real-life sex researcher Virginia E. Johnson on the 60s period drama Masters ... [Read More]
Paris Hilton plane crash prank Ramez in Control

Paris Hilton victim in plane crash prank

A prank show has done the unimaginable: make Paris Hilton look sympathetic. The heiress experienced major turbulence during a trip to Dubai for the opening of new hotel. Hilton broken down into tears as the engines cut off and several passengers parachuted out. When the plane landed, actor Ramez Galal revealed she was on ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Christian Serratos Playboy

Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos poses for Playboy

The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos trades in her tank top and cargo shorts for lingerie in March issue of Playboy. The post-apocalyptic badass says she appreciates tomboys but being a woman "resonates in all worlds." "I can be ultrafeminine," Serratos said. "That's why I love what Playboy stands for. I love the idea ... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman gets sex change to close gender pay gap jobs

Sarah Silverman gets sex change to close gender pay gap

Sarah Silverman is literally filling her gender pay gap with a penis. The comedian undergoes gender reassignment surgery in a campaign ad for the Equal Payback Project. "We typically make 78 cents to every dollar a man makes in almost every profession," Silverman saying quoting dubious statistics. A small disclaimer ... [Read More]
Reese Witherspoon nude for Wild sex scene Vogue cleavage

Reese Witherspoon nude in Wild sex scene

The girl next door finds to her edge says a piece on Reese Witherspoon in Vogue magazine. The actress says she's been typecast. One director refused to consider her for a role because she was too "Southern and sweet and huge." "It’s not that the roles dried up," she explained. "They just weren’t as dynamic or as ... [Read More]