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Apollo Gauntlet Paul Cassidy Heroes Helpers Puff Superknife Monty Rubis

Apollo Gauntlet fits like a glove on Adult Swim (review)

Apollo Gauntlet takes you to a magical world of wrestling & rap music when an ordinary Canadian cop is transported to medieval times and represents! Paul Cassidy doesn't miss a beat. Under the assumed name Apollo, he defeats monsters and booby traps with a combination of wrestling and dance moves accompanied by own ... [Read More]
Sesame Street rickrolls 80s music fans Cookie Monster Grover Count

Sesame Street rickrolls 80s music fans

Today's episode of Sesame Street is brought to you by the number 8 and the letter O. The Muppets form a glee club to perform 80s songs but Cookie Monster eats the lyrics as well as the iPhone containing the music. Fortunately, they're able to play the music from inside his stomach and they make up their own kid-friendly ... [Read More]
Conan Flaming C superhero mobile Comic-Con West Coast Customs

Conan debuts Flaming C superhero mobile at Comic-Con

Conan O'Brien's alter ego the Flaming C made a cameo at Comic-Con sporting a new ride. The comical superhero is based on original art by DC Comics artist Bruce Timm. The character appeared in several Young Justice parodies before starring in his own original Flaming C cartoon. Despite being able to fly, he drove around in ... [Read More]
Conan Pop Vinyl Comic-Con 2017 Spider-Man Star Wars Jedi Flash Game of Thrones White Walker

Win a Comic-Con Conan Funko Pop! vinyl figure w/ CODE WORDS (updated daily)

Conan O'Brien is hosting on location at Comic-Con and every night he's giving away a Conan themed Funko Pop! vinyl figure: Spider-Man, Star Wars Jedi, The Flash (TV series) and Game of Thrones White Walker zombie, which is Conan's favorite. "White Walker Conan is basically real Conan without a shirt on," the pasty host ... [Read More]
Loaded - Leon (Samuel Anderson) Josh (Jim Howick) Watto (Nick Helm) Ewan (Jonny Sweet) champagne

Loaded season 1 review

AMC is investing in the Channel 4 series Loaded, a British Silicon Valley except it's a successful startup. Four friends become millionaires overnight when they sell their mobile game Cat Factory to an American company. The dissimilar personalities each have a different functions some less than other. Samuel Anderson ... [Read More]
Family Guy S15E04 Inside Family Guy Adam West Batman Meg Chris

Family Guy episodes starring Adam West to air in Fall

Family Guy will feature posthumous appearances by Adam West, who passed away from leukemia on June 10, 2017. Executive producer Steve Callaghan teased two of the five episodes airing in the upcoming season. "At one point, Mayor West comes into possession of the $1 bill as he is hover-boarding through town with a rat in ... [Read More]
Powerless Adam West Alan Tudyk

Adam West batty in Powerless cameo

DC Entertainment is honoring the late Adam West by releasing an unaired episode of the recently cancelled NBC series Powerless, in which he makes a cameo. The sitcom centers around the employees of an R&D department for Wayne Security as in Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. However, due to rights issues this superhero world is ... [Read More]