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Frankensteinfeld Frankenstein cartoon parody Jerry Seinfeld

Frankenstein meets Seinfeld in Frankensteinfeld

Animation Domination High-Def implants the brain of comedian Jerry Seinfeld into the body of Frankenstein's monster in Frankensteinfeld. The Seinfeld parody examines plot holes in the story such the monster's green skin, flat head and his not-so sensible shoes. At his apartment there are appearances by Newman as the Wolf ... [Read More]
Walking Dead cartoons for intellectuals and fanboys Rick Carl zombie

Walking Dead cartoons for intellectuals and fanboys

The Walking Dead has something for everyone. A compelling story that's rich with social commentary and provides for deep analysis by critics...and gratutious violence for the rest of us. Animation Domination High-Def gives each demographic their own version of the show. The Allegorical Walking Dead ... [Read More]
Scientifically accurate Flipper the dolphin rapist

Scientifically Accurate Flipper… dolphin rapist!?

Flipper was a family friendly show but it wasn't realistic according to the "Scientifically Accurate" series by Animation Domination High-Def. A parody of the Flipper theme song reveals disturbing facts about the animals including their voracious sexual appetites. Male dolphins form rape gangs to isolate females but their ... [Read More]
Robot Chicken KFC Colonel Sanders ad secret recipe black and white TV

Robot Chicken gets KFC secret recipe

Robot Chicken jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire in the penultimate episode of The Colonel’s Chronicles Colonel, a three-part story (read: commercial) told as an old television serial complete with an announcer dramatically narrating the story. When last we left our plucky hero, space adventurer Colonel ... [Read More]
Marge Simpson gets wet for charity Ned Flanders ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Marge Simpson gets wet for dictator in Ice Bucket Challenge

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un begrudgingly accepted an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Marge Simpson, who wisely wore dark colors but it didn't help much. Maggie pours a single ice-cube on her mother but Bart and Lisa literally hose her down. Marge is flung into Ned Flander's backyard, which is littered with trash from ... [Read More]
Street Fighter Bonus Stage parody calls cops racist Ken Dee Jay Animation Domination High-Def

Street Fighter parody calls cops racist

Video game violence gets a little too real in a Street Fighter parody by Animation Domination High-Def. Ken and Dee Jay demolish a car in the bonus stage until police respond to the apparent vandalism. Dee Jay assures them that have obtained the proper permit to destroy the car, which they own. The cops have no interest in ... [Read More]
Minions die horribly for your amusement claymation

Minions die horribly for your amusement

Minions have taken over the world since debuting in Despicable Me. Not only did they go on to star in their own movie but they made a cameo in The Lorax. They're even showing up in commercials for McDonald's, Xfinity and General Mills cereal. Minions have become so ubiquitous that they've gone from being cute to ... [Read More]