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Japanese transform everyday items into robots

Japanese transform everyday items into robots

Japanese engineers want to improve the relationship between humans and robots. Their hope is that by teaching robots to pick up on social cues, they can be assistants rather than tools. The sociable robots are being developed by the Interaction and Communications Design Lab at the Toyohashi University of Technology. "The ... [Read More]
Smithsonian Builds Real-Life Bionic Man

Smithsonian Builds Real-Life Bionic Man

The Shadow Robot Co. attempts to see just how close it can come to recreating the human body in the Smithsonian Channel documentary The Incredible Bionic Man. This version is considerably cheaper then its fictional counterpart, The Six Million Dollar Man. Manufacturers from around the world donated $1 million worth of ... [Read More]
The Abominable Snow Job - Bigfoot just a Bear says Scientist

The Abominable Snow Job: Bigfoot Actually Bear

Bigfoot, or yeti as it's known in the Himalayas, is a subspecies or hybrid of an ancient polar bear says Bryan Sykes, a genetics professor at Oxford. Sykes analyzed hair samples from reported yetis and found a 100% DNA match with a 120,000-year-old jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway. "I don't think it means there are ... [Read More]
Scientists Discover Source of Zombie Virus (Call of Duty Element 115 Nazi Zombies)

Scientists Discover Origin of Zombies: Element 115

Physicists at Lund University in Sweden have duplicated a decade old experiment originally conducted in Dubna, Russia. It confirms the existence of Element 115 on the periodic table known as Ununpentium, which is Latin for 115. But it's best known as the mysterious meteorite that creates Nazi zombies in the video game ... [Read More]
Death Watch

Death Watch

Researchers at Lancaster University have patented a death watch, a wristwatch that will tell you when your time's up! The device uses a noninvasive laser to analyze endothelium, a thin layer of cells that lines the interior surface of blood vessels. A score of 0 to 100 indicates your cardiovascular health and consequently your ... [Read More]

Loco Advertising – Trains Install Talking Windows

Talk about direct advertising: Commuters in Germany are getting ads transmitted into their heads via bone conduction technology. When passengers lean their head against the window, it sends vibrations through the temple to the inner ear. The sound is not audible through the air so it doesn't disturb other passengers, at ... [Read More]

Affordable Antimatter Gun

Physicists from the Queen’s University of Belfast have developed an affordable antimatter gun, relatively speaking. They used the University of Michigan’s HERCULES petawatt laser to produce short gun-like bursts (30 femtoseconds, or quadrillionths of a second) of positrons, anti-electrons associated with antimatter. The ... [Read More]