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Re-Subscribe Before Google Reader and Feedburner Shut Down

Okay procrastinators, today is the last day for Google Reader and Feedburner is sure to follow. Feedburner stats went down for several days this week... again. L7 World will now offer RSS feeds and Email feeds directly so make you re-subscribe RIGHT NOW! It's never been easier, just look at all those glossy icons in the ... [Read More]

Google PageRank Update August 2012 (free backlink)

Google Page Rank update is underway. I know because L7 World went up to Page Rank 3. Something the site achieved long ago but I slacked off last year and it dropped down to a Page Rank 2. Now it's back baby! How'd I do it, you ask. Quality posts? Nah. Quantity post? Nope. Advertising? Nu-uh. Google bribe? No. I did ... [Read More]

Digimon Battle – Review & Contest (Updated Prizes)

Digimon Battle ( is the "newest" game based on the popular animated series Digimon, but it's actually been out since 2002 in Korea, which explains why the player avatars and starter Digimon (Gigimon, Gummymon, or Viximon) are from the Digimon Tamers series of the same period. ... [Read More]

Firefox 3.6 VS Martyr Bear 2.0 (Updated)

Despite being downloaded by over 100 million people since its release  in January, there are still some people who didn't know about the Firefox update (like this -->guy<--) so Mozilla started actively inviting users to upgrade this week. Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox, assures users that "The offer screen will ... [Read More]

The End of an Error

It had a good run but my Xbox 360 Pro is on its last legs (freezing and RROD). I tired dusting it, suspending it in air, pointing fans at it, and promising Bill Gates my soul but each time it dies a little fast. Unfortunately I have neither the skill nor the confidence to try to fix it myself so I've decided to sell it on ... [Read More]

American Dad – Halloween Special (Updated)

Just in time for Halloween there's a brand new L7 World webcomic: American Dad - Halloween Special. At least I hope it'll be done in time. What started as a 3 panel short on Klaus has turned into 10 spooktacular (yeah I said it) panels. Now I "just" have to scan them, do the line art, and color them (flash). So don't expect any ... [Read More]

Smurfmen Chapter 3

"Can you hear me now?" There have been no updates for a while on account of the internets being officially down! (yay verizon) Fortunately I used the time wisely and completed the next chapter in my Watchmen parody, Smurfmen. Despite what I said previously, this won't be the last chapter, the next one will be the last one ... [Read More]