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Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick laser Pop! vinyl figures Funko

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick Pop! vinyl figures by Funko

Rick has gotten himself into a real pickle. The mad scientist transforms himself into "Pickle Rick" on the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty. Rick claims he did it simply because he could but the real reason was to get out of family therapy. Things go awry when he falls into the sewer. He manages to save himself by using his ... [Read More]
Conan Pop Vinyl Comic-Con 2017 Spider-Man Star Wars Jedi Flash Game of Thrones White Walker

Win a Comic-Con Conan Funko Pop! vinyl figure w/ CODE WORDS (updated daily)

Conan O'Brien is hosting on location at Comic-Con and every night he's giving away a Conan themed Funko Pop! vinyl figure: Spider-Man, Star Wars Jedi, The Flash (TV series) and Game of Thrones White Walker zombie, which is Conan's favorite. "White Walker Conan is basically real Conan without a shirt on," the pasty host ... [Read More]
Walking Dead TV The Governor Room Construction Set McFarlane Toys

Walking Dead building set mega pack contest

This Halloween, McFarlane Toys is treating 2 lucky winners to a tricked out mega pack of Walking Dead building sets valued at a total of $165. The pack features 7 different sets featured in seasons 3 & 4. Recreate iconic scenes from the Prison and the Governor's Room of zombie heads in fish tanks. The sets come with zombie ... [Read More]
Conan Pop Vinyl Figure giveaway Comic-Con

Conan Pop! Vinyl Figure giveaway at Comic-Con w/ CODE WORDS

Conan O'Brien is back at Comic-Con and giving away Conan Pop! Vinyl Figures in four variants: Superman, Ghostbusters, Star Wars' Stormtrooper, and the Suicide Squad version of Joker "which is just me without makeup," Conan joked. The figures retail for $10 but Conan claims to have personally showered with each one so now ... [Read More]
Rick and Morty toy commercial Snuffles dog Adult Swim

Rick and Morty toy commercial promotes new season

Adult Swim is playing with people's hearts in a toy commercial for Rick and Morty. The action figure set includes the entire dysfunctional family...even the family dog Snuffles, who enslaves mankind after gaining sentience from one of Rick's inventions in "Lawnmower Dog." It's a doggone shame that they're just a clever ... [Read More]
Walking Dead sweepstakes 13 Days of Dead offers new prize everyday

Walking Dead sweepstakes “13 Days of Dead” new prizes daily

Leading up to the Walking Dead season 6 trailer, AMC is giving away merchandise daily as part of its new sweepstakes "13 Days of Dead" (eat your heart out, 12 Days of Christmas). Prizes are of increasing value, totaling over $1,000. The grand prize is a Walking Dead guitar 'Dead Inside' variant valued at $399. The limited ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote Carl

Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote

Now you can drown your sorrows in pudding just like Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) with The Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote by The Coop. The troubled teenager devoured a giant can of chocolate pudding in "After." Following the episode, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick helped make #pudding a trending topic on ... [Read More]