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The Abominable Snow Job - Bigfoot just a Bear says Scientist

The Abominable Snow Job: Bigfoot Actually Bear

Bigfoot, or yeti as it's known in the Himalayas, is a subspecies or hybrid of an ancient polar bear says Bryan Sykes, a genetics professor at Oxford. Sykes analyzed hair samples from reported yetis and found a 100% DNA match with a 120,000-year-old jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway. "I don't think it means there are ... [Read More]

Fish Wheelchair Inundated with Praise

When a prized race horse breaks its leg, it's often written off so when someone takes the time to build a wheelchair for fish, it's no wonder that it goes viral. YouTube videos show a goldfish in a harness being hand-fed by its owner. "My disabled goldfish scooting around in her newly redesigned sling," reads the ... [Read More]

So Cute it Makes Me Angry

If looking at pictures of cute animals like fuzzy kittens and cuddly puppies fills you with the uncontrollable urge to squeeze the life out of them, rest assured that you're not a "budding sociopath" says Rebecca Dyer, a graduate student in psychology at Yale University. The phenomenon dubbed "cute aggression" was ... [Read More]

Real-Life Cat Burglar

On New Year’s Eve guards at a Brazilian prison detained a prowler attempting to assist in a jailbreak. The suspect was found with incriminating tools such as drills and saws but no charges will be pressed because of mitigating circumstances: he's a cat! The inmates reportedly befriended the cat, which was able to come ... [Read More]

The Perfect Mayor

  Mayor Stubbs is celebrating his 15th year in office and the 900 residents of Talkeetna, Alaska couldn't be happier with his performance but out-of-towners are given pause when they meet him. That's because Stubbs is a stubby-tailed cat that was elected as a write-in candidate. As honorary mayor Stubbs has a ... [Read More]

Mammoth Hoax

A purported wooly mammoth has been spotted in Siberia, but skeptics say it's just a bear carrying a fish. The fishy footage was captured by government-employed engineer Michael Cohen, who just happens to be a paranormal writer. Derek Serra, a Hollywood video-effects artist who has previously analyzed faked UFO videos, ... [Read More]

Vermont Pigs

Talk about sloppy police work, Vermont State Police have been driving around for years with decals that feature a cow with a large pig-shaped spot. The decals were ordered in 2009 from the Northwest State Correctional Facility, where an intrepid inmate altered the image. Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn says he can ... [Read More]