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BBC Click Dan Simmons Chinese funeral 3D printer Shanghai Longhua funeral home

Chinese funeral home uses 3D printer to make faces for dead

Chinese funerals are open casket to give loved ones a chance for a face-to-face farewell. Unfortunately, the tragic Tianjin explosions left more than hundred bodies unrecognizable. Traditional wax modelers were unable to sculpt all the faces in time for their funerals. Shanghai Longhua funeral home was able to cut the ... [Read More]
Godzilla Resurgence Shin Godzilla-4D attraction Universal Studios Japan

Godzilla 4D attraction coming to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has announced its biggest ride ever: "Godzilla: The Real 4D." A 4D attraction is a 3D movie that interacts with audience by moving the seats to simulate the movement seen on the screen. An added sense of realism is achieved with effects such as wind, smoke, rain and even smells. That's right, we ... [Read More]
sexy gorilla Shabani Japan Higashiyama Zoo Calvin Klein

Japanese women go wild for sexy gorilla named Shabani

Shabani the gorilla has a real animal magnetism. He's been drawing large crowds of women to the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan. Female visitors describe him as dark and brooding. They even humanize the sexy beast by calling him "ikemen," which means good-looking man. Shabani just can't take a bad picture. He modeled for ... [Read More]
Burger King cologne Whopper April Fool's Joke

Burger King cologne Whopper of a April Fool’s Joke?

April Fool's Day is now officially "Whopper Day" in Japan. Burger King has registered it with the Japan Anniversary Association. To celebrate the occasion they will offer a limited-time cologne with a "Flame Grilled" fragrance. The 30-milliliter bottles retail for 5,000 yen, or approximately $42. Burger King will also be ... [Read More]
U.S. Air Force reveals Godzilla contingency plan (Godzilla King Kong Empire State building)

U.S. Air Force reveals Godzilla contingency plan

Airplanes made short work of King Kong but Godzilla doesn't climb skyscrapers. Rest assured that the U.S. Air Force is preparing for the possibility of a real Godzilla attack at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Japan is its stomping ground according to Master Sergeant Jason Edwards of the 18th Wing, Public Affairs. "Kadena is ... [Read More]
Japanese transform everyday items into robots

Japanese transform everyday items into robots

Japanese engineers want to improve the relationship between humans and robots. Their hope is that by teaching robots to pick up on social cues, they can be assistants rather than tools. The sociable robots are being developed by the Interaction and Communications Design Lab at the Toyohashi University of Technology. "The ... [Read More]
Japanese women hide big mouth behind napkin mask

Japanese women hide big mouth behind napkin mask

It's considered desirable for Japanese women to have a small mouth known as ochobo, which is why they often cover their mouth when smiling and laughing. Freshness Burger realized this was also the reason women weren't purchasing its largest burger so they hired the Ad Dentsu ad agency to create the liberation wrapper, a ... [Read More]