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The Abominable Snow Job - Bigfoot just a Bear says Scientist

The Abominable Snow Job: Bigfoot Actually Bear

Bigfoot, or yeti as it's known in the Himalayas, is a subspecies or hybrid of an ancient polar bear says Bryan Sykes, a genetics professor at Oxford. Sykes analyzed hair samples from reported yetis and found a 100% DNA match with a 120,000-year-old jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway. "I don't think it means there are ... [Read More]
South Koreans Celebrate the Holidays with SPAM

South Koreans Celebrate the Holidays with SPAM

In the West, Spam is so despised that the name has become synonymous with junk email but in South Korea it's considered a delicacy. During the Korea War, refrigerators and protein were in short supply so soldiers would barter the luncheon meat, which was used to make budae jjigae (army base stew). Ever since it's been a ... [Read More]
Lost in Translation Funny Signs Japan China (Japan China)

Lost in Translation – Funny Signs

This week's issue of Nuts magazine features a collection of funny signs from the Far East. These translation mistakes are more than simple typos. They completely change the meaning with humorous consequences. The most absurd of which is a Chinese restaurant sign that offers some truly hot food. "Fuck the duck until ... [Read More]
Dunkin Donuts Racist Ad Features Blackface

Dunkin Donuts Racist Ad Features Blackface Model

Dunkin' Donuts is apologizing on behalf of its franchise in Thailand for their charcoal donut ad campaign, which features a model in blackface with the slogan "Break every rule of deliciousness." The donuts have well-received in Thailand where racial stereotypes are often used to sell products like "Black Man" cleaning ... [Read More]

Japanese Work Camp

KidZania is a theme park where children role play various jobs in a kid-sized city. They earn play money called KidZos that they can spend in stores sponsored by real-life companies. The goal is to teach them skills including financial literacy but just like in the real-world, some countries are less fiscally responsible says ... [Read More]

Bare Branches Produce Hairy Stockings

Ever since China implemented its one-child policy, there has been a growing gender gap. For every 100 girls born there are 119 boys, which are preferred by many families for economic reasons. This has created an entire generation of perpetual bachelors known as "bare branches" because they will never bear fruit. Perhaps ... [Read More]

Real-Life Detective Conan Case Closed

A live-action game based on the popular anime series Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, recently caused a bomb scare in Takamatsu, Japan. “Escape from the Skyscraper,” tasks participants with looking for clues that lead to an imaginary bomb, which was unfortunately found by real-life detectives after the ... [Read More]