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Gay Zombies Canada LGBT Pride Parade

Gay Zombies spread message of hate at LGBT Pride Parade

Zombie camouflage doesn't just work on The Walking Dead. Anti-gay Christian activists disguised themselves as "gay zombies" to infiltrate a LGBT Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada. "Sadly, in order to deliver this much needed truth he had to disguise himself as a 'gay' zombie because the parade was too intolerant to accept ... [Read More]
Restaurant guide features food porn

Canadian restaurant guide features food porn

Canada's Voir Restaurant Guide is celebrating its 18th edition with a very adult ad campaign by Publicis. The advertising agency has a very literal take on food porn, which is the extravagant presentation of decadent food. It serves a substitute for sex according to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Buns, melons, meat as ... [Read More]

William Shatner Tweets Astronaut Chris Hadfield

All hailing frequencies are open at the International Space Station. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has been communicating via Twitter with the original rocket man, William Shatner AKA Captain Kirk. "Are you tweeting from space? MBB (My Best, Bill)," Shatner tweeted his compatriot. "Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And ... [Read More]