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Haunted house poster prank scares Swedes

Haunted house poster prank scares Swedes

Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm dared pedestrians to scan the QR code on a blank poster for a look at its latest attraction. They expected the ghost to appear on their phones, not in real life! A horrible screeching sound summoned a ghost that reached through the poster. The prankvertising was done to promote Dr. ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Terminus cannibal zombie burger infographic

Real-life Terminus serves cannibal burgers for Walking Dead promo

In The Walking Dead season 5 Rick and the others escape from the cannibals at Terminus but UK fans want in. A pop-up restaurant served cannibal burgers in London on Tuesday to promote the show. "With fans up and down the country hungry for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, this is certainly a unique tribute to the series," ... [Read More]
British Politician Jokes About Old-Fashioned Sluts

British Politician Jokes About Old-Fashioned Sluts

Godfrey Bloom, UK Independence Party (UKIP) whip, has been suspended for telling a misogynistic joke at a women's event entitled "Women in Politics." "This place is full of sluts," he declared in response to a woman's admission that she doesn't clean behind the fridge. Bloom insists he meant the old-fashioned usage of ... [Read More]
Drive-in Sex Box

Drive-in Sex Boxes

The Swiss are literally driving streetwalkers out of town. Prostitutes will be encouraged to use drive-in sex boxes on the outskirts of Zurich. The love shacks provide added security for the women who are frequently assaulted and robbed. The narrow parking spaces are designed to keep Johns in their vehicles but allow the ... [Read More]

Loco Advertising – Trains Install Talking Windows

Talk about direct advertising: Commuters in Germany are getting ads transmitted into their heads via bone conduction technology. When passengers lean their head against the window, it sends vibrations through the temple to the inner ear. The sound is not audible through the air so it doesn't disturb other passengers, at ... [Read More]

Fur Coat Made of Chest Hair

Manscaping has turned men into boys but there's a new manly milk that's putting the hair back on their chests. Arla Foods is promoting Wing-Co chocolate milk with a new ad campaign that features men doing manly things like brandishing a super-sized flamethrower, performing a fireman's carry on a lion, and sporting a fur ... [Read More]

Men Skirt Dress Code

Record temperatures in Sweden have male train drivers showing more skin but Martin Akersten and his coworkers weren't allowed to wear shorts so they literally skirted the dress code. "We have always said that when summer comes, we will get some skirts and wear them," Akersten told the BBC. "It's very warm weather here so ... [Read More]