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Tree-mendous Christmas

One Seattle home is literally bursting with Christmas spirit. The family's Christmas tree goes through the roof or so it seems. Patrick Kruger and his wife spent nine hours creating the illusion. They cut off the tree top and attached it to the roof using plywood, sheathing and spare roofing tile. Unfortunately, it wasn't ... [Read More]

Mall Santa Told to Keep His Hands Off Kids

Brits are seeing pedophiles everywhere since learning their beloved media personality Jimmy Savile was molesting children for years. Harrods, one of London's most popular department stores, isn't taking any chances. Santa is under strict orders to keep his hands visible at all times, according to an unnamed source. He'll be ... [Read More]

Chocolate that Won’t Melt in Your Hand or Mouth

Cadbury UK has filed a patent for what it calls "Temperature Tolerant Chocolate (TTC)." The normal melting temperature for chocolate is 93 degrees Fahrenheit but TTC can easily withstand temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It was accomplished not with chemical additives but by refining the "conching process," ... [Read More]

Kate Middleton topless photos published

Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas (left) Prince Philip sporting kilt (right) The British royal family can't seem to keep their clothes on. First, Prince Harry was caught in his birthday suit at a sex party in Las Vegas. Then Prince Philip went commando while wearing a kilt at the 2012 Highland Games in ... [Read More]

Racist Chocolate Cake

On world Art Day, Stockholm's Museum of Modern Art celebrated the 75th anniversary of the National Organization of Swedish artists with cake-themed art. Artist Makode Lindea, a biracial Swedish man, literally threw himself into his work. Linde posed as the head for a cake caricature of an African woman and screamed out when ... [Read More]

Bikinis Optional at Olympics

Since beach volleyball's introduction to the Olympics in 1996, female athletes have been required to wear a bikini or a full body suit for cold weather. However, the London 2012 Olympics will allow women to wear less revealing clothes like shirts and shorts. The sport is currently dominated by the western world (United ... [Read More]