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Less Powerful than a Locomotive

The DC Universe has been rebooted and it all starts here: Action Comics #1. It takes place 5½ years before "The New 52" line up, when Superman is just coming into his own. I had joked that Superman was slowing down in his old age, when he shot himself out of cannon in Action Comics #903, but it seems that a weaker Superman ... [Read More]

Who Would Jesus Nuke?

The Air Force is experiencing legal fallout after the revelation that chaplains at Vandenberg Air Force Base were teaching a questionable ethics course, which included a PowerPoint presentation on St. Augustine's "Christian Just War Theory" informally known as the "Jesus loves nukes speech." The mandatory course was ... [Read More]

Drive-Thru Funeral Home

Grammy-nominated gospel singer Peggy Scott Adams thinks funerals homes are too dark so she's bringing them into the light. Adams took over the family business when husband passed away. The Robert L. Adams Mortuary has a 12-foot-wide drive-thru for easy access for the elderly, disabled, or just plain lazy visitors. "You can ... [Read More]

Not a Small World After All

Like a modern-day Rosa Parks, Imane Boudlal is suing Disney after being told she had to work at the back of the castle because of her hajib, a traditional but not necessarily religious headscarf. "They said, these are your options: either work in the back or go home," alleges Boudlal. "I don't want to be in the back. I'm ... [Read More]

Real-life Ghost Rider attends his own funeral

David Morales Colón wasn't about to let a little thing like getting shot to death keep him from his favorite hobby. Colón's embalmed body was mounted on his Honda motorcycle and is currently being displayed at the Marin Funeral Home in Puerto Rico. "He loved his motorcycle. It made him feel free from his worries," said ... [Read More]

Is God a Supervillain!?

The Sentry may have more than just "godlike" powers. Dark Avengers #13 reveals the secret origin of the Sentry and MOSES! In a flashback (circa 1600 BCE) we discover that the same dark entity which possesses Robert Reynolds possessed Moses. In fact, it was this "Void" that was responsible for the biblical plague that killed ... [Read More]

Doctor Who VS Muslims

It seems Muslims are always finding innovative new ways to blow themselves up: exploding toothpaste, exploding shoes, and now even exploding underwear. But just how might Muslims in the far-flung future blow themselves up? Hopefully with funny robotic voices. This rare political episode of Doctor Who shows that no amount ... [Read More]