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Holy Krishna! Warren Ellis Takes on God

Ever wondered whose god would win in a fight? More importantly who would lose? "The man in the sky is not coming to save you," is the premise behind Warren Ellis' new mini-series Supergod. Amid a burning London, a scientist named Reddin recounts the superhuman arms race that ignited the Apocalypse. The superhumans aren't ... [Read More]

Burqini Ban

More of a wetsuit than a bikini, the "burqini" is designed for Muslim women who want to go swimming without getting stoned for being whores. But these burqini girls won't be getting (moderately) wet & wild in France where public pools have banned the bathing suit because of "hygiene rules." President Nicolas ... [Read More]

Saudi Family Wishes Genie Would Leave them Alone

Unlike the friendly and purely fictional genies of the Western world, jinns (as they're called in the Middle East) are very real and kinda dicks. At least that's what one family in Saudi Arabia is claiming. They've filed a lawsuit against a genie that's been haunting them for the past 2 years. This unfriendly ghost has ... [Read More]

Loans to Die for

In the economically hard-hit country of Latvia, banks are extremely wary of lending so entrepreneur Viktor Mirosiichenko came up with a sure-fire way to get borrowers to pay up. Borrowers have to put their souls up for collateral! The Kontora loan company offers loans up to $500 with high interest rates, but unlike ... [Read More]

Homosexual Demon

There's been a lot of debate about whether homosexuality is a choice or you're born with it, but it turns out it's neither. It's a demon that enters you (sometimes repeatedly). A small Connecticut church is in hot water with child & gay advocacy groups after a performing a violent exorcism on a 16-year-old boy to cure him ... [Read More]

War of Words

An article in this month's issue of GQ magazine accuses Donald Rumsfeld of manipulating President Bush with his one weakness... words. But not just any words, scripture. Bush reportedly received daily intelligence briefings with cover sheets that featured Biblical quotes such as "It is God's will that by doing good you ... [Read More]


The TARDIS has traversed space & time, its even traveled to alternate realities but its final destination is a bit farther. 17-year-old Ben Rayner was a big Doctor Who fan so when he died last month from cerebral palsy his family decided to send him off in style with his very own TARDIS! They decorated Ben's coffin to ... [Read More]