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Ryan Lochte apologizes for bringing shame to US in Olympics

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte needs to take a walk of shame like Cersei on Game of Thrones instead of going hiding just like the remorseless villainess. The sequestered swimmer tweeted a half-hearted apology for lying about being robbed in Rio while celebrating his teammates: James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger. "I ... [Read More]
LG Meteor Prank

LG Meteor Prank

It's the prank to end all pranks, not to mention the world. LG demonstrated their ultra HDTV by simulating a meteor strike on Chile during a job interview. The applicants saw the city destroyed through what they thought was a window. As the explosion closes in on them the lights go out and complete the illusion. The prank ... [Read More]

Real-Life Cat Burglar

On New Year’s Eve guards at a Brazilian prison detained a prowler attempting to assist in a jailbreak. The suspect was found with incriminating tools such as drills and saws but no charges will be pressed because of mitigating circumstances: he's a cat! The inmates reportedly befriended the cat, which was able to come ... [Read More]

Fast Food Chain Uses Edible Wrappers

Bob's burgers are so good that customers can't wait to eat them. They're even eating the wrapper according to a new ad campaign by the Brazilian fast food chain. The tagline “Não dá pra controlar,” translates to "you can’t control yourself." The wrappers, which are out of rice paper, are a triple threat: ... [Read More]

Rugbeer – Rugby Vending Machine

Ogilvy, the advertising agency that created the Hug Me vending machine for Coca-Cola, is stepping up their game with a tackle version that dispenses beer. The "Rugbeer" vending machine is marketed specifically to rugby fans in Salta province, the New Zealand of Argentina. Necessary Roughness Rugbeer has a "pussy meter" ... [Read More]