old stripper

44-year-old Canadian stripper Kimberlee Ouwroulis, who goes by the stage name Mrs. Ouwroulis, is suing the pants off of her boss John Sit (assuming those pants cost $100,000).

Ouwroulis was told “that the club is going in a new direction with younger girls” and summarily fired. A clear case of age discrimination she says. But she’s not giving up the pole just yet, and not just because she’ll fall down without it (cause she’s old). When asked how long she intends to keep on dancing, Ouwroulis revealed “I have plans to be in the business until I’m 47 or 48.”

If she pulls it off, she still wouldn’t be the oldest stripper alive that dubious honor goes to 74-year-old grandmother Lena (thesun.co.uk).