Ronald McDonald costume gets modern makeover

Ronald McDonald has finally updated his wardrobe with a slightly less out-of-style outfit. He’s traded in his baggy jumpsuit for cargo pants and vest with a red blazer for “special occasions” explains the press release. The company assured fans that the big red clown shoes won’t disappear.

“Designing new clothes for Ronald McDonald was one of the highlights of my career,” says designer Ann Hould-Ward. “I’ve worked with some really big names over the years and suiting up a living legend was a real thrill.”

Ronald will continue to show off his new look by posting selfies under the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald on the McDonald’s Twitter account.

“Selfies …here I come!” Ronald declared. “It’s a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do…I’m ready to show how fun can make great things happen.”

Ronald McDonald Wonder Woman transformation

A promotional video encourages others to also use the hashtag to share media of themselves having fun. It ends with Ronald spinning into his new clothes like a Wonder Woman transformation. A behind the scenes video shows the prima donna playfully mugging for the camera and fussing over his hair.

Ronald McDonald Willard Scott
Famous TV weatherman Willard Scott was the first to wear the Ronald McDonald costume, which had a drastically different look back in 1963 when it debuted.

The clown costume was originally a striped suit that featured a magical tray with an endless supply burgers. Ironically, Scott was fired for getting too fat but not before donning the iconic jumpsuit we know today.

There were minor alterations to the suit over the years but the it’s the changes to the hairdo that really stand out.

Ronald McDonald hairstyles over the years 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s

Ronald McDonald hairstyles:

60s: Curly clown-like hair.
70s: Afro for a very funky look.
80s Thick locks like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
90s: Helmet hair though he briefly experimented with the Elvis look, Mohawk, frizzy Afro, Shakespearean hair and a Hi-top fade.
00s: Thinner hair with a part on the side.
10s: Feathered wings.