Jill Wagner returns as Were-Jaguar in Teen Wolf season 4

Jill Wagner will return for Teen Wolf season 4, despite being killed off the first season. Kate Argent (Wagner) had her throat slit by an omega werewolf, Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). Now she’s back as a were-jaguar. It’s not surprising that the werewolf hunter would come back as a feline given her hatred of the canine creatures. According Mesoamerican mythological, the were-jaguar is a Nagual, or shapeshifter. It’s believed to be the offspring of a woman and jaguar but Wagner put those rumors to bed.

“She is now a were-jaguar–and, no, she didn’t mate with a jaguar to turn that way. That was my first question!” the actress assured TV Guide.

Teen Wolf Kate Wagner (Jill Wagner) and Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)

Teen wolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) encounters a Mexican clan while searching for Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), who disappears after his run-in with Kate in the season 3 finale.

Wagner revealed that the were-jaguar is on the prowl for “something” and she will do bad things to find it.

“She’s really badass,” Wagner explained. “She is not human, so she’s not in control this season.”

The Teen Wolf season 4 premiere “The Dark Moon” airs 10 p.m Monday, June 23 on MTV.