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China sells Clean Air in a Can

Air pollution in China is as much as 40 times over the limit set by the World Health Organization. It's so bad that last month a fire at a furniture factory went unnoticed among the already smoggy skies. Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese entrepreneur known for publicity stunts, is promoting environmentalism by selling cans filled ... [Read More]

Disappearing Ninja

The ancient art of ninjutsu may die with Jinichi Kawakami, who is known as Japan's "last ninja." "I think I'm called (the last ninja) as there is probably no other person who learned all the skills that were directly" handed down from ninja masters over the last five centuries, Kawakami told the AFP. The 63-year-old is ... [Read More]

Fashion Police Call Cosplay Racist

Victora's Secret is removing clothes but not in a good way. The company's website has taken down its new "Go East" collection, which featured Eastern-inspired lingerie. The decision was made in response to complaints of racial stereotyping, specifically in regards to a Caucasian model (Candice Swanepoel) dressed as a "Sexy ... [Read More]

Chinese Students’ Studious Nature is in Their Blood

Forget Red Bull. Xiaogang No.1 High School uses intravenous drips to help energize its students. “The state grants a 10-yuan subsidy for amino acids to each graduating senior that will participate in the gao kao (National College Entrance Exam). Any student that feels not well can go to the infirmary and take amino acids ... [Read More]
Breast Milk and Cookies (Oreo Breastfeeding ad)

Breast Milk and Cookies

A controversial advertisement for Oreo has been leaked to the media. The ad features a busty woman breastfeeding a child holding an Oreo cookie. The tagline reads: “Milk’s favorite cookie.” Kraft Foods says the ad was created by the South Korean ad agency Cheil Worldwide for internal use. “Our understanding is that ... [Read More]

Hug Me Vending Machine

Students at the National University of Singapore got a 10 finger discount courtesy of Coca-Cola. The company modified their vending machines to dispense soda in exchange for hugs. Coke hopes the machine will spread more than just germs. “Happiness is contagious. The Coca-Cola Hug Machine is a simple idea to spread some ... [Read More]

Cybernetic Cat Ears (update)

Cybernetic prostheses usually replace lost function but in Japan they're the latest fashion statement, known as Neurowear. It combines technology and fashion to created an “Augumented Human Body.” Necomimi are cybernetic cat ears that move in sync with your brainwaves to convey emotion. However, the movements are more ... [Read More]