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Perpetual 9/11

Dutch designers MVRDV are being called "Al Qaeda lovers" for mocking 9/11 with what that looks like a freeze frame of the Twin Towers exploding. Dubbed "The Could," the towers are connected halfway up by a 10-floor-tall pixelated cloud that houses common areas such as gardens, fitness center, pool, and shops. MVRDV ... [Read More]

“Vintage” Japanese Christmas Card

Nothing quite sets the season like Christmas cards of Santa, or as he's known in Japan "American Christmas Devil." Brad McGinty received this unique card from his grandfather. "These aren’t personal Christmas cards, but rather leftover cards from my grandfather’s failed attempt at starting a greeting card company a few ... [Read More]

Real-Life Jailbot

As part of its effort to become a world leader in robotics, South Korea will start using robot prison guards next spring. Unlike the deceptively cute Jailbot featured in Superjail!, these R2-D2s with smiley faces are genuinely benign. Creator Lee Baik-Chul programmed the robots to monitor inmates for abnormal behavior. ... [Read More]

Aimi Eguchi False Idol

Aimi Eguchi seemed to come out of nowhere. The 16-year-old went from "trainee" in the Japanese idol group AKB48 to spokesmodel for Glico candy. Too good to be true. Aimi is actually a computer-generated composite of 6 of the group's most attractive members. Glico released a video showing the face tracking software used to ... [Read More]

Virtual Chain Gang

In China, chain gangs are going high-tech. Liu Dali alleges that he and 300 other prisoners at Jixi labor camp in Heilongjiang province were forced to play online games in 12-hour shifts. They collected virtual money to trade with other players for real money, an illegal practice known as gold farming. The Prison reportedly ... [Read More]

China Outlaws Time Travel

That a single person can change history is a very dangerous idea so it's not surprising that China is anti-time travel. The General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television is banning all time travel stories, calling them "disrespectful to history." translated the original story: "The time-travel drama is ... [Read More]

These Ain’t Your Daddy’s Man Boobs

Doctors from around China gathered at Jinan Chest Hospital to treat 53-year-old Guo Qingpo, who was suffering from a severe case of gynecomastia, more commonly known as man boobs, or moobs. "I had never seen anything like it in 40 years. There has never been such a case in China, or anywhere in the world," asserts ... [Read More]