Voyage of The Damned, Doctor Who’s third Christmas special, was the series highest viewed episode since its reboot. Thanks in no small part to guest star Kylie Minogue.

And viewers were not disappointed. This episode had everything: humor, romance, and a ginormous cruise spaceship dubbed the Titanic filled with murderous angel robots! But wait it gets better, taking a page from Xena Warrior Princess, the angelbots use their metal halos as chakrams. It even has a Christmasy moral: you shouldn’t discriminate against cyborgs.

As zany as some of this may sound, the love at first sight connection between the Doctor and the cruise waitress Astrid, played by Kylie Minogue, really tugs at your heart strings. Sadly, much like Shaft it’s the Doctor’s destiny to love ’em and leave ’em and this relationship won’t work out for reasons I won’t spoil for you. What I will say is this adventure to stay alive has 3 big endings: one that’ll make you sad, one that’ll make you mad, and one that’ll make you happy.

One critique though, at the end of the episode it seems as though the ship’s tour guide Mr Copper may join up with the Doctor but sadly this is not to be as Mr Copper is severely lacking in the T&A department or as the Doctor puts it “sorry I travel alone.” UMM… SINCE WHEN? He’s always had a companion on the show since its inception. In fact, the in the premiere of season 4 he’ll  be hooking up with Donna from last year’s Christmas special.

Speaking of which, expect Season 4 to rate high as well. Both of the Doctor’s previous companions: Rose (yay) and Martha will be returning. And judging from how glibly the Doctor announced his Time Lord heritage in this episode expect even more secrets of his past to be revealed like why he only travels with young girls.