you can run, but you can't hide from my shininessA little thing like death isn’t about to stop Captain America from defending the free world. Nine months after Cap’s shocking assassination, his WWII sidekick Bucky has reluctantly picked up the mantle (see Captain America #34).

There’s just one problem – HE HAS NO SUPERPOWERS! Thus the very unheroic pistol he’s sporting. What’s next, Superman dying and being replaced by guy with a… oh I don’t know, sledgehammer. Even Bucky realizes he’s out of his element, commenting “I’ve always carried weapons. And now that I’ve painted a red, white and blue target on myself I’m guessing I’m gonna need them more then ever.” For cripes sake, we’ve already have a gun wielding Captain America – HE’S CALLED THE PUNISHER! Let’s hope Bucky can find some super soldier serum soon and truly live up to the name Captain America.