Day of the Dead remake 2008 zombie face

Day of the Dead is a remake in name only. The only similarity is that there are zombies and soldiers. It starts with the Army quarantining a small remote town with apparently no idea why they quarantining it. Can you say fubar?

Once the zombies predictably overrun the town and a woefully unprepared military, it’s your basic survival story. The survivors literally stumble upon the the secret military base that is the origin of the zombie epidemic, which serves no real purpose in the story other than feeding you an uninteresting back story and giving them yet another place they must escape.

The people who survive are exactly the ones you expect to survive. And the scariest part of the movie is the cheesy ending: a zombie lunges at the camera just before credits. In addition to the bad story and acting, there’s all the factual mistakes like soldiers with no rank on their uniforms and searching for Humvee keys (Humvees don’t use keys except maybe to lock the steering wheel). You’ll also have to suspend your disbelief for duration of the movie: spear made with tape, a zombie running on the ceiling yet another zombie can’t reach an air vent, and a zombie transformation where the guy’s face goes from perfectly normal to decrepit in a split second (video left). In summation, Day of the Dead is dead on arrival.