And here I thought Justice League: The New Frontier was violent, what with its implied genocide and the subsequent sexual enslavement of female villagers. But that’s nothing compare to the blood fest (disembowelments, decapitations, cannibalism) that is Turok: Son of Stone. Then again what do you expect when Indians & Dinosaurs cross paths. Of course, it’s about more than just that. The crux of of the story is about how Turok comes to terms with his anger management issues by kicking a little tail.

While defending himself against another tribe, Turok loses control and in his rage nearly kills his own brother along with the aggressors. Fearing retribution the village exiles Turok. It doesn’t help. Years later, Chichak (the son of the man Turok killed) slaughters the village and kidnaps Turok’s sister-in-law Catori. And so Turok with his nephew Andar in tow chase Chichak into the mysterious Lost Land.Surprisingly the dinosaurs get very little screen time, but what little there is comes off big. If it bleeds Turok can kill it. If has a back Turok can ride it. His fearless is even more impressive when you realize he has no idea what a dinosaur even is and as far as he knows he’s in the Underworld and these are demons.

But the real demon is Chichak, who is even willing to kill the cavemen he allies himself with in the Lost Land. Whereas the dinosaurs are simply doing what they were made to for, as is explained to Turok by strange shaman in a vision. The pacing is perfect and conclusion of Turok’s inner & outer journey doesn’t feel forced as is often the case in cartoons. Not only was this a great movie, the DVD (out now) includes a nice 20 minute commentary on the history of Turok from his beginnings as a comic in the 50s and revival in the 90s to the video game series that he spawned.  Turok: Son of Stone – gets 10/10 little Indians.