lobster game

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking, and by asking I mean harassing, bars around the country to remove what may be the coolest game ever – Lobster Zone!

PETA agrues that the Lobster Zone machines, in which players maneuver a mechanical claw to grab a live lobster, turn “death and torture into a game.”

But the truth is PETA’s simply using this game to promote the lobster agenda. In fact, on their website Lobster Liberation they claim “being boiled hurts” but when it comes to offering possible alternatives PETA is reticent, saying only that they’ve “consulted with many marine biologists about the most humane way to kill a lobster. While the experts couldn’t seem to agree on which method is best, they do agree that there really is no humane way to kill these sensitive and unusual animals.”

So what’s a lobster lover to do? Well I wouldn’t worry about it. Have you ever played one of those claw games? It’s hard enough with stuffed toys, but these guys can move around. And at 2 bucks a try, by the time you ‘win’ one you probably could’ve bought a barrel of ’em. Perhaps PETA should rethink this.