11th doctorAfter months of speculation, the BBC announced that Matt Smith will be replacing David Tennant as the Doctor in 2010.

Who? E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

The virtual unknown (even in England) is only 26-years-old and will be the youngest actor ever to play the part. But if you ask me he’s not young enough.

I was hoping for a sassy old black woman as the next Doctor. But if they want to go young, why not go all the way?

Why not have a teenage Doctor, a Doogie Howser of space-time if you will. For the first time the confident Timelord would be an awkward kid, unsure of himself. And no one would take him seriously. Just picture it – as he steps out of the TARDIS a policeman grabs him by the scruff of the neck, “Oi, that’s not a toy.” Later his much older companion would have to pick him up at the police station. Hey, it worked for Star Trek: TNG (Rascals).

Of course, after seeing Smith’s horrid interview in last week’s Doctor Who: Confidential no one’s likely to take him seriously anyway (zing).