Stargate Atlantis - Enemy at the GateWow. Did they really need a whole episode in an alternate universe (Vegas) just to reveal the location of Earth to the Wraith? Couldn’t they have used that episode to, oh I don’t know, actually build up to the final episode instead of rushing through it like this.

Enemy at the Gate runs like a cliche checklist.


  • Todd comes to Atlantis for help (yet again): check
  • Ultimate super hive ship that looks exactly like regular hive ship: check
  • Borg ship… I mean ultimate super hive ship destroys obstacles en route to Earth: check
  • Ancient La-Z-Boy chair conveniently destroyed: check
  • Cliche nuclear bomb & and hero willing to sacrifice himself: check
  • Someone “almost” dies: check
  • The cavalry arrives just in time to save everyone: check

This was a far cry from the “something big” producers promised for the 100th and final episode. The only thing good about this episode was the renaming of the Phoenix in memory of General Hammond played by Don S. Davis (who died recently). Unfortunately, the actual ship IS NEVER SEEN, only mentioned in passing. What a wasted opportunity. Having General Hammond saved the day might have saved the show.