Godaddy Vs HostgatorFor the past several days I’ve been vigorously fighting with my website host to honor their quotes & coupons. I was trying to order domain renewal @ $10.87 (with ICANN fee) and economy hosting renewal @ $47.88 for a total of $58.75 and using the coupon “nauoff” which takes off $10 the final price is $48.75. I know this for a fact as I saw the price in the shopping cart.

Unfortunately I when I returned later to complete the order a accidentally ordered a “new” hosting account, which was actually cheaper $47.07. When the order was complete I emailed godaddy to correct it but got no response so I cancelled the order online. I tried reordering but godaddy only refunded the hosting (leaving a $2.17 on my credit card for the domain registration) as a result I was unable to use the coupon. The hosting renewal is already discounted and the coupon will only work if there is a regularly priced item during checkout. So now there was a $2.17 domain charge and the original $47.88 hosting renewal charge for a total of $50.05 ($1.30 more than what I was first quoted).

Ok that’s understandable, I just need to get a hold of an actually person and explain that I in fact order both domain and hosting renewal and they could manually enter the coupon and credit the $1.30.


Everyone I contacted via email, as godaddy has no toll-free phone number, completely ignored my detailed explanation, instead they patronized me by telling me that I had received my $2.17 domain promotion. Not only was this not the issue, it doesn’t take a genius to realize $10 off a regularly priced $10.87 domain, which comes to 87 cents, is better than a $2.17 domain.

I told them to move this up to a supervisor and again got no response. After searching non-godaddy sites I finally found the email [email protected]. Surely the President of Godaddy would honor their quotes and credit $1.30 to a longtime customer (going on 3 years).


I got yet another condescending email explaining my “confusion.” Mandy O’Connor wrote “We apologize for any confusion you may have had regarding the renewal pricing. Had you renewed the domain and the hosting appropriately, without a discount, you would have paid $70.57. You indicated that you utilized a $10 discount and this would have brought the total down to $60.57”


I know that $47.88 is the correct hosting renewal price as it’s listed on both the receipt godaddy sent me and my credit card, and with the regularly priced domain 10.87 (listed right on their site) the total comes to $58.75 not $70.57. In fact there’s no possible combination that adds up to $70.57. Even a new hosting account only costs $56.88 and if you add a full priced domain for $10.87, you get $67.75 not $70.57. In other words, not even management knows their own prices!

But all this is beside the point. We’re talking about $1.30! I could get a refund out of McDonald’s faster than this. Why would a multi-million dollar company alienate a customer to argue over $1.30 out of $50.05.

Who’s your daddy?

As it turns out that’s bait and switch fraud was the best thing to happen to this site! After a lot of searching I found to be a much better deal. They give you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email, cpanel, and TOLL-FREE SUPPORT! All that for about the same as godaddy’s lowest plan, if you sign up for 3 years. Unfortunately these are tight times so I was hesitant to to shell out $178.20 up front. But there’s a Hostgator Black Friday Sale today for 75% OFF!!! That’s 3 years of superior service for just $44.55, naturally I jumped on the deal. So as soon as I transfer everything over to Hostgator, will be officially emancipated from godaddy!

If you have also been grounded by goddady or any other hosting service, click the link on the right and enter coupon code “75off” for 75%. If you don’t make it in time don’t wait until next Black Friday to get the hosting you deserve, they’ve always got great coupons like “AUTUMN” for 20% off or “HOUSTON” for $25 off.

Good news! The transfer is now complete. The best part is Hostgator did it for me for FREE and it took less than 2 hours! It takes godaddy 8 hours just to reply to an email, let alone do anything.

I also like that there’s a quick tutorial when you first login that’ll help you get started. Godaddy ain’t got that! Although honestly I’ll probably never use 1/2 of this stuff.

There was one hiccup though. As some visitors may have noticed, the homepage was up and running but none of the internal links worked. Just blank pages! (arrrghhh!) I contacted hostgator but luckily I was able figured it out myself. I just had to rebuild the sitemap via the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress (doh!)