Titanic ice cubes

The online novelty store Fred and Friends is making a killing with Gin & Titonic (worldwidefred.com/ginandtitonic.htm)

The description reads: “This reusable ice tray contains four icy Titanic ships and four menacing icebergs. Pair them up in your mixed drinks and re-create history. Go ahead… sink another round.”

Too soon?

While the sinking of the Titanic may seem like ancient history to most of us, Millvina Dean, the last survivor of the Titanic, just passed away this year! Imagine if someone made 9/11 themed firelogs that were shaped like the Twin Towers in your lifetime!?

A spokesman for the company dismissed critics, “Somebody is always going to be offended by something, especially when it involves humour with a little edge.”

Personally I don’t see the “humour” in reenacting the death of more than 1,500 men women, and children but whatever floats your boat (now that’s funny). You can order them @ Amazon.com

Devil’s advocate

This story really got me thinking about all inappropriate things I do find funny like Dave Chappelle on slavery, The White Kids U’ Know on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and Family Guy on the crucifixion of Christ. So I guess let he who has not laughed at Jesus getting whipped cast the first stone.