Captain America too patrioticDirector Joe Johnston says Captain AMERICA won’t be a “jingoistic American flag-waver” in the upcoming movie: Captain America: The First Avenger.

“He’s just a good person. We make a point of that in the script: Don’t change who you are once you go from Steve Rogers to this super-soldier; you have to stay who you are inside, that’s really what’s important more than your strength and everything.”

Johnston seems to be under the mistaken impression that if you’re a flag-waver you’re some right-wing conservative who mindlessly toes the line.

The truth is Captain America has always had a mind of his own, even starting a Civil War in opposition to the government enacting the Superhuman Registration Act. But while he may have disagreed with the policy, Captain America never stopped loving his country.

But all Johnston loves is money. He all but admits the reinterpretation is based on international ticket sales.

“Yeah, and it’s also the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing. It’s an international cast and an international story. It’s about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too.”

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