The cross-dressing sketch comedy group Kids in the Hall reunites for some serious fun in the murder mystery miniseries, Death Comes to Town.

Death is snaggletooth druggie who rides around on a motorized bicycle collecting souls to snort. The first in line is the Mayor of Shuckton but Death isn’t responsible for the murder, he just reaps the rewards. The actual killer is hidden in the shadows but unlike your typical mystery where clues gradually reveal the killer’s identity, the mystery only deeps as the town’s incompetent cops randomly point the finger at everyone, even themselves!

Naturally, they decided to pin it on a minority, just because he’s covered in the Mayor’s blood. Crim may only be 1/16 Native American but he’s a 100% walking stereotype, who steals and gets high off hand sanitizer.

Death Comes to Town is filled with similarly politically incorrect jokes from industrial strength abortion vacuums to necrophilia and not just necrophilia, but gay necrophilia!

No ones safe from KITH’s jeers, not even KITH. There are some not-so-subtle references to Dave Foley’s dramatic weight gain. The cops comment on the Mayor’s wife (Foley) putting on weight but say it looks good on her, another nod to Foley being recognized as the most womanly of the group.

Cameos by classic characters like Bellini and the chicken lady complete what is yet another Kids in the Hall masterpiece.

Death Comes to Town airs Fridays @10PM EST on IFC.