old ladyAfter the Federal Trade Commission declared is the only truly free credit report website, Experian decided to rebrand their service from to

Today Experian officially announced the new website will have a new spokesband: Victorious Secrets, whose commercials will premiere on Sept 12 during the MTV Music Awards.

The “band” aren’t the only ones being replaced, so is the grimacing old lady who was a recurring character in the infamous commercials. Now we may never know her story. Was she the singer’s mom, disappointed that he allowed his credit to fall into such shambles? Was she an identity thief who was angry about this fabulous “free” service. Or was she just a very old groupie?

If you’re like me and want to know who the old lady is contact Martin Agency, the company that created the commercials, and demand they cast her for the new commercials!
Contact: [email protected]


The actress who plays “grandma” is Jacqueline Laforce. She’s not new to acting in commercials at least in Canada:
Facebook page: Jacqueline Laforce