South Park - New Jersey

South Park has to do the unthinkable and enlist the aid of Al Qaeda when an even worse threat washes up in town: the cast of Jersey Shore!

The boisterous bunch insists they don’t mean any harm and declare, “It’s a Jersey thing.”

South Park - Snooki

But it’s not just Snooki and the Situation who are portrayed as orange faced jerks that always want to fight or fuck, it’s all Jerseyans.

As an Jerseyan, I can honestly say it’s not. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a recluse but I’ve never met people like that, well except for gym rats, which are universal.

I’ve never seen Jersey Shore either (or pretty much any other reality show), and I’m willing to bet the majority of its ratings come from outside of New Jersey, probably Cali and all those stoned surfers. So please lay off New Jersey… or I’ll make ya a knuckle sandwich (an actual sandwich made outta yer freaking knuckles). “It’s a Jersey thing.”